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For materials of the second group intervals of deliveries proceeding from working conditions of suppliers in 90, 180 or even 360 days. On materials of the third group the interval of delivery by division of their transit norm into an average daily in materials.

Rosn – requirements of the main production of the hotel enterprise. Here material resources necessary for rendering a complex of the main services by hotel to clients enter. It is furniture, electric lighting devices, carpets, bedding, ware, detergents, subjects of hospitality and many other things.

Example. For lighting of premises of hotel 250 lamps, including 70 lamps on 75 W, 110 lamps – on 100 W, and 70 – on 60 W are used. Per day the number of hours of burning averages them: 45 lamps on 75 W – 10ch.; 25 on 75 W – 12 h.; 50 lamps on 100 W – 14 h., 60 on 100 – 16ch.; 70 on 60 W – 17ch.

The part of the material resources used in operational activity of hotel does not give in to exact rationing because of a variety of their types and use in insignificant quantities. These are lubricant, cleaning and other operational auxiliary materials. At their planning are guided by data on the actual expense for the previous period, and also the factors promoting reduction of expenses and their depreciation due to use of new, more effective synthetic materials are considered.

This method is applied to calculation of optimum party of delivery. The optimum party of delivery of this type of a material resource is understood as such size of party at which transportation costs on unit of resources, and also expenses according to its contents and storage will be minimum.

To provide hotel to it with materials according to the revealed, logistics of hotel will be organized. Its task consists in definition of need of hotel for material and technical resources, research of of a covering of this requirement, and also in monitoring procedure behind the correct use of material resources and assistance in their economy All these functions are carried out by department of material support of hotel.

The planned need for materials to an expense becomes covered at the expense of the expected remains the beginning of planning period, internal resers (which are formed due to economy of material and size of delivery from outside.