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And the bull-trout in some mountain rivers and lakes remains on a constant residence. It is also the well-known trout — special race sea bull-trouts. A bull-trout — the salmon close to a salmon and spawning in the same rivers, as the European salmon. Except ­, the bull-trout lives in the Black, Azov, and Aral seas.

On Kamchatka when loaded salty fish, found in a flank a Siberian salmon with a tag. It was marked on the island Unga, near Alaska, and caught on other side of the ocean in four weeks with the small. The humpback salmon with the tag which is put on in Korea in two months floated more than 1600 kilometers and fell again into hands of people in Amur Liman.

Transferred lososiny caviar from streams where it was postponed, to other rivers. When whitebaits ­, their some time fattened in special nurseries. Then young salmons were marked and to the river, alien for them.

The Pacific salmons enter fluid waters of continents in the summer, and each look before all, in May in due time, the chinook, the most tasty of them storms the rivers. Americans call her a royal salmon, and Japanese — the prince of salmons. Then there are the salmon, Sim, a humpback salmon, a Siberian salmon and at the end of August — September — a silver salmon. At once, having arrived on, fishes throw caviar.