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For filling of metal and glass jars liquid foodstuff. Are packed up: sauces fruit, sauces the tomato, condensed molokoprodukta, a tomato paste,, caviar vegetable. Productivity, cans/mines 6

The vegetables and fruits prepared taking into account specifics of raw materials before freezing subject still to some influences. For preservation of natural color and taste of fruits at storage and after defrosting, and also vitamin C loss reduction (ascorbic acid) they are processed previously antioxidants (ascorbic, lemon and degidrooksimaleinovy acids). For example, halves of of 30 min. maintain in 4% - m solution of an ascorbic and 0,1% - m of table salt. When freezing the whole fruits apricots and peaches of 1,5 h respectively maintain in 7% - m and 0,1% - m solutions. Some fruits and berries century of 60% - m sugar syrup.

The chopped cabbage is connected to the carrots grated on a large grater or cut by thin circles. In the first case carrots give more than the juice and subsequently do cabbage pinkish. In the second — the cabbage keeps the color.

The system is equipped with protection devices on a low and high pressure of gas, on the differential pressure of oil, on a channel and temperature of a hladonositel. Control is exercised automatically - the microprocessor controler.

— 36 °C. When freezing fruits ice is formed not in cages, and in intercellular spaces. In an initial stage process happens quicker, than further. At a — 15 °C turn into ice about 79% of the water containing in fruits.

After an otekaniye of excess of solution of antioxidant products stack in the cardboard boxes which are laid out by cellophane and also in plastic or cellophane bags and on zamor.i/kivaniye. Temperature in the freezer

For filling of metal and glass jars liquid foodstuff. Are packed up: syrups for compotes, pickling fillings, tomato fillings (to 12% dry, fruit, berry and vegetable juice, vegetable oils. Productivity of cans/mines 80-16

Fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables well wash out, clear, delete stones, a core, the remains of inflorescences and a fruit stem. The tops of vegetable is dried up on a sieve or on fabrics, some types of vegetables (carrots, a celery, parsley, a kohlrabi, etc.) crumbled on small slices or wiped on a rough grater and for a short time immersed in the boiling water. Light fruit at once after cleaning presoaks in the acidified water that they did not darken. Fruit can be scalded in sugar solution, such fruit before use will easily bulk up and will keep the form and color.

1, 4, 12, 13, 14 - conveyors; 2 — automatic scales with the bunker store; 3 — a loading bathtub; 5 — a steam cleaner; 6 — the jet washer; 7 — the inspection conveyor; 8 — the cutting car; 9 — the sorting car; 10 — a blanshirovatel; 11 — a cooler; 13 — the skoromorozilny device; 15 — the bunker store; 16 — the packing machine gun.

Fruits finally dry at low temperatures (lattices rearrange in the top part of the dryer or at favorable weather on the sun. Fruit dries at the beginning and at the end at a temperature about 50 - 60 oC, the main drying takes place at a temperature of 65 - 80 oC. Vegetables which boiled, dry at first at 75 - 80 oC, then at 65 - 70 oC. The vegetable tops of vegetable and aromatic plants are dried at 55 oC not to lose aromatic substances.

Cauliflower. Well ripened heads of a cauliflower can be kept at a temperature of 0 °C and relative humidity of air of 90-95% within 2-3 months. The cabbage of autumn collecting is stored better than the summer.

For filling of metal and glass jars liquid foodstuff. Are packed up – sauces fruit, tomato sauces, the condensed molokoprodukta, a tomato paste,, caviar vegetable. Productivity, cans/mines 63-12 Rated capacity, kW 1, Weight, kg 1380-150

In the frozen fruit and vegetable products all food qualities remain. In them sucrose is only inverted, in certain cases acidity increases, in others decreases, the amount of tannins sharply decreases. Some fruits, especially with high content of tannins (a mountain ash, a sloe, a cornel), after freezing and an become more sweet, less tart.

For filling of metal and glass jars liquid foodstuff. Are packed up: tomato filling, vegetable oils. Productivity, cans/mines 50-10 Range of a dosage, ml to 10 Overall dimensions, mm 15501355175 Mass of the machine gun, kg 120