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The manufacturing firm can provide "marketing offset". In this case the intermediary receives a certain discount for inclusion of production of firm in the nomenclature, than the part of its additional marketing costs is compensated;

Consultation of the expert, scientist. Examples: doctors represent anti-inflammatory Algofin ointment, the Dirol with the Ksility chewing gum etc. in various rollers; the pharmacist Maria recommends to "simple people" a number of medicines.

Outdoor advertizing — the media channel which informs advertizing appeals to recipients by means of the posters printed in the typographical way, the painted bulletins or indicating panels installed in places of the most brisk traffic and also along highway and the railroads.

implementation of measures, the barriers directed on elimination interfering distribution of information on firm and the excessive hindrances arising in the course of communication of firm and its audiences (harmful, false hearings, etc.);

Among the main advantages of screen advertizing it is necessary to call such: simultaneous visual and sound influence; the phenomenon is considered in the movement that provides high extent of involvement of the TV viewer in the events on the screen; personal character of the address; wide audience.

The purpose of affective influence is transformation of the array of the transmitted data into system of installations, motives and the principles of the recipient of the address. Instruments of formation of the relation are frequent repetition of the same arguments, reduction of logical proofs told, formation of favorable associations, etc.

The advertizing appeal contains only a company name, sometimes — a slogan. Such messages are used, generally in a presentation and reminder advertizing. The entering corporate advertizing by "Seld" already axiomatic today became an example of such decision.

In perception of an advertizing appeal its color scheme is of great importance. Color advertizing draws attention earlier and for longer period, than black-and-white. Thus best of all black letters on a yellow background, green and red — on white are perceived. Black letters on a white background take only the sixth place in this ranging.

It is possible to agree with the following statement quite: "By definition, public relations is information on goods, idea or service generated by the firm which is used as news, in educational process or for satisfaction of interest of general public. Publicity - one of aspects of PR - a free mention of your goods or the company by means of mass media.

One more definition: ''Publicity - any free form of impersonal representation of idea, goods or service. Of course, work of service of publicity is paid. But they try to pay attention to firm (a communicator without payment of placement of information in media channels".

The main characteristics of the media channel are: a high concentration on target audience (up to the specific recipient); personal nature of communication; possibility of the accounting of contacts with an advertizing appeal; complete control of efficiency of an advertizing campaign in the Network.

1 Demonstration of effect of the advertized goods by the principle "Before application". Quite often this reception is used in advertizing of laundry detergents, bleaches, means for cleaning of bathroom equipment, etc.

If to try to design the generalizing definition, it is possible to stop on the following, Sales promotion as the form of marketing communications represents system of short-term incentive measures. and the receptions directed on encouragement of purchase or sale of goods and taking the form of side benefits, conveniences, economy, etc. In other words, buyers or other target audiences on which actions sales promotion are directed, receive something free, or for the smaller price, or with big conveniences. And all this turns out the addressee in addition in excess of what makes a reservation the main, standard agreement with the seller.

The producer of goods (especially it concerns difficult technical products) can provide free professional development of the personnel of intermediaries; For example, the AMD corporation periodically acquaints the dealers with novelties of production technologies of microchips, new brands of the goods etc.;